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runlevel -- find the current and previous system runlevel.


runlevel [utmp]


Runlevel reads the system utmp file (typically /var/run/utmp) to locate the runlevel record, and then prints the previous and current system runlevel on its standard output, separated by a single space. If there is no previous system runlevel, the letter N will be printed instead.

If no utmp file exists, or if no runlevel record can be found, runlevel prints the word unknown and exits with an error.

Runlevel can be used in rc scripts as a substitute for the System-V who -r command. However, in newer versions of init(8) this information is also available in the environment variables RUNLEVEL and PREVLEVEL.


The name of the utmp file to read.

See Also

init(8) , utmp(5)


Miquel van Smoorenburg,

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